Payroll tax withholding is a requirement if you hire employees. It requires an initial registration. It requires
payroll tax withholding, payroll tax return preparation and remittance of the withheld payroll taxes to the various
governmental agencies throughout the year.

We will properly register your business with EDD (Employment Development Department), IRS and all the other
required payroll agencies as required by law. We will properly withhold payroll taxes, prepare and file your
payroll tax forms and timely remit your payroll tax withholdings to the various governmental agencies.

We offer a faster, cheaper and more convenient payroll services.
Bookkeeping (payroll services & document management)
Tax filings (sales tax, payroll taxes, estimated federal tax payments)
Advisory services
Help with Audits (third Party or governmental)
With every accounting period we prepare you will receive:

Consulting to help you control costs & increase profits
Balance Sheet/ Profit & Loss Statements
Reconciliation of Bank Accounts, A/P, A/R
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Full Accounting Services
Many self employed individuals and closely held corporations don’t realize their
need for an accountant, until it is too late.

It is a common mistake to think that you only need an accountant for your year end
taxes. If you see an accountant at the end of the year, there is not much he or she
can help you with – as all the events and deadlines have already occurred.

However, if you keep us as part of your team throughout the year, you will benefit
from our planning services, allowing you to minimize your tax liability by taking
actions before it is too late.

We will help you transition your company’s accounting from a legal burden to a
powerful tool allowing you to make intelligent business decisions that will
ultimately grow your business.

We ensure the accounting method that we have chosen for your business
matches your industry and company needs and meets IRS and state
requirements if you are audited or if you have a labor dispute.
Your focus should be on growing your business, let us help you with your accounting.

Diligently maintaining your books throughout the year can indeed be a simple task - for someone with the
training and expertise to do so. But , if you add that to your list of responsibilities, it will be taking away valuable
time essential for the growth of your business.

By allowing us to help you with your day-to-day accounting, you will achieve, at the very least, the following

Proper records to allow for accurate tax return preparation and successful defense in the event of an
Minimized year end accounting fees through the presentation of organized records.
Useful information for financial management and strategic planning.

Properly kept books are an essential tool to assess how your business plan is developing. Where you are now, what happened, and what you need to adjust to meet your long term goals are questions that cannot be
answered without proper bookkeeping. Furthermore, thanks to our experience and education, we are in a
position to provide sound business advise.

Our small business accounting services include:
We have confidence in the value of the services that we provide because our clients have expressed
appreciation for them.

We ensure the accounting method that we have chosen for your business matches your industry and company
needs and meets IRS and state requirements if you are audited or if you have a labor dispute
Payroll Services
If you are selling products that are subject to sales tax in California then you must register with Board of
Equalization, prepare and file sales tax returns, collect and submit the sales taxes to the various governmental

We will help you each step of the way from registering for a sales tax permit, obtaining your resellers license,
filing your sales tax returns, to calculating and paying your sales taxes to the various governmental agencies.
Sales Tax
We specialize in the following businesses:
Food & Gas
Liquor stores
Fast Food
Auto Repair
Convenience Stores
Sales Tax
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